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100% Aussie Grown

The Lencia Family

Lencia was Sunraysia's first orange juice company and was established in 1971. Based in the citrus heartland on the Murray River, Mildura, we remain one of the few juice companies that are 100% locally owned and operated.

Our brands have been loved by generations and include Lencia, Cruncha, Ducats and Mr D's.

Lencia are dedicated to delivering the highest quality, best tasting drinks that are proudly Australian! We take great pride in growing and sourcing the finest Australian ingredients that go into our delicious blends.

Lencia Family Brands

Lencia has come from humble beginnings and it's with gratitude and pride that we have grown into an iconic regional brand. In November 2015, Lencia acquired Ducat's and Mr D's brands. Our product range now includes fruit juices, fruit drinks, non-carbonated drinks and frozen ice blocks.

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Australian Owned and 100% Australian Grown

We are proud of Australian heritage and company history. We thank all our loyal consumers who have enjoyed our great tasting products!

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Lencia Family Brands: